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What is the use of scanner with example.

Uses Of scanner


Uses Of scanner:

  • A scanner is used to input paper documents or- photos into the computer. They are typically “scanned” as images (like pictures) and stored in TIFF, GIF, or JPG format, and can also be scanned into the Portable Document Format (PDF) 
  • Copying: One very common use for scanners is copying
  • Archiving: Another use of scanners is digital archiving. Digital archiving is the process of making and saving digital copies of hard copy documents.
  • Research: Scanners are also useful for research purposes. Long-term research projects, whether for school or business, will often require information to be gathered from borrowed library books or other privately-owned sources.
  • Sharing Photos: You can also use scanners to share hard copy photos with friends and family via the Internet.

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