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War against Terrorism | Essay

War against Terrorism

War against Terrorism

Terrorism in the broader sense is aggression killing and destruction. It is a way of imposing views through fear of destruction.

Now a day almost every country is facing terrorist activities in its territory. Pakistan is in a state of war against terrorism. The terrorist activities in Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. have been very vigorous in the previous days. They are still going on. The Pakistan army is at war, with terrorist there. There are terrorist activities at the Afghan border. Our army is also facing them successfully.

There are terrorist activities and target killings in various cities of our country. Suicide bombing is a new addition to terrorism. It is at its cling in Iraq. It is also prevailing in Pakistan the recent incident at the Nishter Park in the religious public meeting of Eid Milad was the greatest, in which many religious leaders and common people were killed? Our government is trying to find the root cause of this bomb blast.

The Pakistan Government is fighting a war against terrorism at all fronts. The Sri Lankan Government is fighting a war against terrorism activities of Tamil Tigers.

It is now the order of the present time, to continue war against terrorism and not to become weak at any front.


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