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United we stand, divided we fall | Essay

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United we stand, divided we fall

It is true that it is easy to defeat and destroy a single person than a group of people, who are united. This fact has been proved through many examples in history and in families of a locality.

The story of the old man who taught this to his son by a number of sticks is famous. Today, it is the need of the day that in our country all the people whether they belong to a different school of thought must be united for the cause of our nation and country.

The enemies inside and outside the country are keen to find traitors and divided people. Such unfaithful people are easily trapped through money and other timely benefits.

In the end, such a person himself suffers badly and is destroyed in the end. We should be united for a common cause for the sovereignty and property of our country.

There are other benefits to being united. Out companion is there by our side when we are sick and when we are in difficulties. They help us and this makes a healthy and good example.

A strong nation is that in which all the citizens are united and loyal to the country.

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