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Two Nation Theory | Note

Two Nation Theory


Two Nation Theory

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan first time proclaimed in India in 1867 that the Muslims are a separated nation. Hindus became very annoyed with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and forgot that Sir Syed first time imparted upon the British rulers that so long would give participation to India in their administration, the mutiny like of 1887 would continue to take place. 

Although the Muslims leaders did not pay their serious attention towards the suggestion extended by Allama – Iqbal in the beginning of 1930 that a Muslims state should be established in North West of India but he succeeded in arousing the Islamic sprite amongst the Muslims and they began to think over the suggestion of Iqbal by the end of 1930.

Father of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, understanding the depth of the thoughts of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Allama Iqbal at last proclaimed, that there were two nations living in India, Hindu and Muslims and both could not live together. Muhammad Ali Jinnah extended the ‘Two Nation Theory’ in detail so effectively that the demands for Pakistan by Muslim League was based on; Two Nation Theory. This Theory can be explained as under: 


Hindu Mat and Islam represent two different cultures and are quite different in their origin and constitution. Their lifestyle and traditions don’t match any point. The motive of a Muslim is nothing but to establish the unicity and sovereignty of Almighty Allah and to impart upon that He is only to be worshiped. On the contrary, a Hindu- believes that this world is a Maya Jaal (the trio of wealth) and an illusion. Hindu concept of wealth makes him wealth worshiper, therefore, wealth becomes God for them while is nothing for a Muslim except the source of provision of the live hood.

The legal system and the personal laws of Hindus and Muslims are quite different. The traditions, languages, social needs and customs, food and so much so the dress of Muslims is quite different than those of Hindus. Hindus burn their dead while the Muslims bury them. In other words, Hindus and Muslims are quite a different right from birth till death and nothing is common in them.

The history of both the nations is also different. War and Peace, for Hindus, is for the self-while war is jihad (battle in the name of Allah) for the Muslims. Both war and peace are establishing the rule of Almighty Allah. Moreover, Muslims fights for making people free from slavery, for flourishing humanity and the freedom.

Hindus were in majority while the Muslims in minority in India and if any parliamentary system could have been developed on the basis of majority, it would have nothing but the Hindu rule. It was, therefore, needed that there should have a constitution, which could confer that there were two nations living in India, thereby they should have the land of their own in proportion to their number keeping this, theory in view, Quaid­e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah after the Pakistan Resolution passed, said in his presidential address in the session of Muslim league held in Lahore in 1940.

Muslims are not in the minority because British and especially congress understands the same when they say, ‘after all, you are in minority and what do you want?’ The fact is that the Muslims are not in the minority because there are many areas even in the British maps of India where Muslims are in majorities like Bengal Punjab, North West Frontier Province, and Balochistan.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, at the time of extending the Two Nation Theory’, was certainly influenced by the thoughts of Allama Iqbal as reflected from his following speech.


“It is not difficult to understand that any our Hindu friends could not comprehend the real nature of Hindu Mat and Islam. These are not two religions but the two different social orders and it would be no more than a dream that both two nations can form a common nationalism. The wrong concept has created many problems for us and if we can’t realize the need of the time India would continue to move towards disaster. Hindu and Muslims have two different religious philosophies, social customs, traditions, and cultures. Neither they marry mutually no they sit together nor they eat with one another. Both belong to the different cultures therefore, Muslims are right to demand a separated homeland for them”.



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