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Traffic Problems in Karachi City | Essay

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Traffic Problems in Karachi City

Traffic Problems in Karachi City is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is always under the process of extension. Since Karachi is ever-expanding, so are the problems ever-increasing? If one problem is solved, another problem lies in wait for them.

Transport is one of the major problems in Karachi. In a big city Karachi, travelling is not very pleasant or easy. Distances are usually long and buses are not always and everywhere to be found. Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses and mini-buses. The number of buses and mini-buses in Karachi has increased in recent years but as compared to the needs of the population the number is still very small.

Now, taxis and rickshaws are there at central places at least But the forces of taxis and rickshaws are too high. Police should check their meters very strictly; they should be forced to travel a short distance. They should not be able to overcharge the passengers.

The most annoying feature of the transport system in Karachi is the rude behaviour of the bus conductors and the drivers of rickshaw and taxis. Again, the traffic in Karachi is now beyond control. Due to reckless driving, thousands of lives are lost everywhere. Traffic rules are openly violated.

It is very unfortunate that even forty-five years of our independence, we have not been able to solve the transport problem of Karachi.

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