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The Book I like the Most | Essay

The Book I like the Most

The Book I like the Most

There are many books on different topics History, Adventure, Fiction, nobles etc. I have an interest in ancient history and I like very old books “Mysteries and Customs of Africa”; In this book, the ways of life of uncivilized African people are written. Their customs were cruel and strange. They also believe in superstitions and act according to them.

They lived a hard life and eat coarse food. If their spiritual head orders them to give human sacrifice, they do so without any mercy. There is also a story of a man from Asia, who visited the African country to know about that myster1 ous country. He was caught by savages who were preparing to cut his head. He could somehow to manage to escape from them.

I got very much absorbed in this book. It is good past time for me.


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