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short note on Flora of Pakistan.

Fauna means the animal life and different groups of animals.

Flora of Pakistan:

Flora means plant life and groups and types of plants Pakistan has all groups of plants-in its wide area. All of them are important to us, but forests and forestry is the backbone of our country. They regulate the quality of water in the rivers by preventing a free flow of oil in water. They prevent the formation of deserts maintain the number of salts in the soil, control waterlogging and regulate atmospheric temperature.

In the northern area forests of all kind of pine, fir, juniper, are found. In plains crops, wheat, rice, maize sugarcane, cotton, and vegetables are grown.

Pakistan is also rich in fruit trees like mango, apple, apricot, peach, oranges, walnut, and almond. Many plants are cultivated for ornamental purpose e.g. chrysanthemum, rose and jasmine. Many herbs and shrubs have great medicinal value. Forests also provide wood for furniture, construction purpose, and firewood.

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