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What are the salient features of the Objectives Resolution?

the salient features of the Objectives Resolution



After the establishment of Pakistan, the · constituent assembly approved a document for the constitution-making on 12th March 1949 which is known as objective resolution.


It was the foundation for constitution making. It is an important document in the constitutional evolution.



(i) Sovereignty: Sovereignty over the enlist universe belongs to Almighty Allah.

(ii) Islamic Laws: The principles of democratic equality and social justice enunciated by Islam will be enforced within the country.

(iii) Religious Freedom: The Muslims will be enabled to lead their lives in accordance with the principles set by Islam.

(iv) Minorities Rights: The rights of the minorities shall be protected the will have the freedom to follow their religion and promote their own culture.

(v) Federal State: Pakistan shall be a federal state the provinces will enjoy auto money within the prescribed limits mentioned in the constitution.

(vi) Independence of Judiciary: The basic rights of the people and the independence of Judiciary will be guaranteed.

(vii) Uses of Power: The use of power and domination in Pakistan shall be used.

(viii) Regional Protection: The protection shall be provided to all regions of Pakistan thus Pakistan shall be



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