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What is the role of Sindh In the Pakistan Movement.


Role of Sindh In the Pakistan Movement:

Sindh had been a place of the scholar, social reformers, and politicians. Sindh played a key role in the Pakistan Movement Pakistan Resolution was passed by the complete support of Sindh. Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sindh delivered an excellent speech in support of Pakistan Resolution.

The courage and valor of pir Sibghatullah Shah during the struggle for freedom in Sindh, can never be forgotten. His followers the “Hurs” never surrendered to British and started the armed struggle for freedom.

Students of Sindh Madressa Karachi and Noor Muhammad High school Hyderabad were in fore-front during the struggle for freedom.

In the elections in 1946 Sindh regarding inclusion Pakistan or not, G.M. Syed was defeated and Muslim League won all the seats from Sindh. That is why Sindh provisional assembly voted unanimously for inclusion in Pakistan.

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