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Recent Flood in Pakistan | Essay

Recent Flood in Pakistan

Recent Flood in Pakistan

Rain is a blessing but sometimes it becomes a curse. It not only damages land and crops but also makes the rivers overflow. This is what happened before the recent fold in Pakistan. The heavy rains started lashing the sulainanian ranges from 21st July to 27th July Rivers overflowed and as a result, dangerous floods affected several districts of Baluchistan, Khyber Pekhtoon Khwa and Southern Punjab.

The recent fold was the greatest in the history of Pakistan. It caused havoc and destruction of life, property and crops.

Hundreds of people were stuck up in the flood lying areas, without shelter, food and medicines. Many countries of the world helped in the relief, especially Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Europe, China, Iran and other countries. This time help came in the form of tents, medicines and other materials rather than in money. Pakistan Government did all it can for the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. The Pakistan army was in the front line backed by thousands of selfless citizens of our country, to help the fold victims.

But till now the rehabilitation work is not over, and people in remote areas are still looking for help.


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