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Peaceful Karachi | Essay

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Peaceful Karachi

Peaceful Karachi

Everyone dreams to have a calm and peaceful life in Karachi.

Here people from different communities and parties are living and their interests are also different which often contradict with those of others. This gives rise to quarrels which increase in enmity and rivalry.

A peaceful Karachi is possible when people are united for a common cause of a nation that is prosperity and development.

The traffic hazards in Karachi are also a hindrance in making the city peaceful. In every field of work and business, people are selfish and do not care about this. People think of their own gain at the cost of harm to others.

The water shortage and power failures also excite people to protest against the authorities. The need is that every person must be sincere to his work and to the country and also should not damage public property.

A peaceful Karachi is possible when all the institutions and people of different. Sectors of life and business remain peaceful and tolerant of others.

We hope that a good time will come when this will be true.

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