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Patriotism | Essay

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Patriotism means love for the motherland. It is an inner feeling in every true citizen and makes him give sacrifice for his country. Patriotism inspires man to do great deeds in the world to bring up the name of his country in the world. At the time of war, a true patriotic citizen feels at his heart that his country must not be defeated. He is prepared to fight for his country and lay his life for the defence of the country.

History of the world is fully of examples of people who made noble sacrifices for their country. Major Aziz Bhatti laid down his life while fighting for Pakistan. This is an example for us.

At the time of peace, a true patriot keeps on eye on the traitors who are at work to weaken the country. He reports their activities to the authorities. A patriotic citizen works honestly and sincerely in his own sphere of work, whatever may be his profession. He considers the interest of his country above his own interests and is prepared to face loss for the sake of freedom and sovereignty of his motherland.

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