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An Overnight Picnic by the Sea-side | Essay

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Overnight Picnic by the Sea-side

An Overnight Picnic by the Sea-side

Once we decided to have an overnight picnic by the sea. We hired a hut at hawk’s bay; we made a preparation with eatables and entertainment items.

Our family and another family gathered at my house and we started after lunch. We reached there in the evening.

As soon as we reached the hut, the youngsters went to the sea shore. In groups, we enjoyed the cool breeze,

Cold water and open atmosphere. Some of us bathed in the sea. The elders took a walk and then stayed in the hut and had the good view of the entire beautiful scene. Soon sun set down. It was a very beautiful sight of sunset at the sea. Night fell, but it was a full moon night. We had a good meal took some rest and then again set out for the seashore. After long walks, all sat down and an interesting session of jokes and stories started. We awake even after 2 pm. Then when we were very tired and sleepy we went to sleep.

The morning was also very pleasant. We again enjoyed a long walk, took a delicious breakfast and then started for home.


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