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What is an Output device? The capabilities of Monitor.

Output Devices


Output Devices :

An output device is used to display the data or information that we receive from the computer

The output devices are also physical equipment, which translates the outcome of the computations, and related activities carried out in the CPU so that these can be understood by humans.

Some examples of output devices are: Monitors, Printer, Plotters, Visual display unit (VDU), liquid crystal display (LCD), etc. 

There are many ways to classify monitors. In terms of color capabilities, all the monitors fall into three classes: 



Monochrome monitors actually display two colors, one for the background and one for the foreground. The colors can be black and white, green and black, or amber and black.



A gray-scale monitor is a special type of monochrome monitor capable of displaying different shades of gray.



Color monitors can display anywhere from 16 to over 1 million different colors. Color monitors are sometimes called RGB monitors because they accept three separate signals – red, green; and blue (the three fundamental colors).


Other Factors that determine.a monito.r’s quality:

  • Resolution: the resolution of a monitor indicates how densely packed the pixels are. In general, the high resolution provides a sharper image.
  • Bandwidth: the range of signal frequencies the monitor can handle this determines how much data -it can process and therefore how fast it can refresh at higher resolutions.
  • Refresh rate: How many time per second the screen is refreshed (redrawn). To avoid flickering, the refresh rate should be at least 72 Hz.
  • Dot pitch: The amount of space between each pixel. The smaller the dot pitch, the sharper the image.
  • Convergence: the clarity and sharpness of each pixel.

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