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Note on Insectivorous plants.

Insectivorous plants


Insectivorous plants:

These plants are found in marshy areas of many countries. These marshlands are deficient in nitrogen compounds and nitrates. To make up for this deficiency of nitrogenous compounds in their bodies, such plants feed on insects. They attract insects with their peculiar shape, color and nectar and then trap them inside their modified leaves. The prey is killed, digested by enzymes and finally absorbed.

The insectivorous plants can make their food by photosynthesis because of chlorophyll in their leaves and can survive without eating insects. However, the insect fed plants are stronger and healthier. They bear more flowers, fruits, and seeds.


Pitcher-plant is a common insectivore. It is found along Eastern Himalayas. In this plant, the lamina of leaves is
modified into an elongated pitcher with a lid at the top. It is here that insects are trapped. The leaf base becomes flat and behaves like leaf lamina. It is green due to the presence of chlorophyll. The petiole is twisted and curved to keep a pitcher in a straight position.



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