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My Most Favourite country, Pakistan | Essay

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My Most Favourite country, Pakistan Essay

My Most Favorite country, Pakistan | Essay

This is quite true that my most favourite country is my home land Pakistan.

My country is full of all-natural resources, like agriculture, minerals, industry, natural beauty. The people here are sincere and hard working. I love my country and will serve it sincerely and honestly.

A person who has· travelled to various countries and places realize that at last the place of peace and harmony, love and affection is his own country. I happened to travel through a few countries and came to the conclusion that my country is the best.

Talented people of my country have won international fame and awards in the field, of science, art, singing acting, welfare work and many others.

But it is necessary that we should be aware of the traitors and disloyal people who make a bad name of our country.

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