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What is meant by a Welfare State? Describe the concept of a Welfare State in Islam.

Welfare State


Welfare State :

Welfare State means a state, which eradicates ignorance, poverty, misery, and injustice and provides basic civic amenities to its citizens. It makes adequate arrangements for food, clothing, and shelter. A welfare state is a state, which adopts all measures of bringing comfort and entertainment to the general public and masses. A welfare state is the name of an ideal social condition. A condition where justice prevails in all spheres of social life. The primary aim of a welfare state is the material and moral well being of its citizen.

There are some duties of the welfare state. It is necessary for every welfare state to act upon these duties. These are suggestions which make Pakistan a welfare state. Important duties of a welfare state are following:

  • A welfare state provides equal opportunities for progress. For example, education is a fundamental right of every citizen.
  • The first duty of every welfare state is the establishment of law and order situation · so that the protection of life and property of every citizen could be made possible.
  • The establishment of such system of equality provides equal opportunities for survival to all citizens are the duty of a welfare state. For the establishment of the supremacy of law, a free judiciary system is necessary so that each citizen could receive his legal rights.
  • In the modern period, no country can survive without the co-operation of other countries. Each country has its own free foreign policy which fulfills its national objectives.
  • A welfare state controls the economic activities in such a way which provides the protection of the right and interests of all classes of a society.
  •  A welfare state provides all educational facilities to its citizens so that every. citizen could get modern knowledge and training according to his ability.
  • It is the duty of a welfare state to improve the causes of International peace so that world could be a happy place and the human race could be saved from the destruction wars.

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