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What do you mean by Data? Describe its types.

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The word is derived from the Latin language. It is plural of Datum. (But Data is usually used as a singular term.)  “Collection of fact and figure is called Data.”

Type Of Data:

Data can be classified into three main types.


Alphabetic Data:

These type of data consists of all the alphabetic character from A to z.

Numeric Data:

These type of Data consist of all the numeric digit from 0 to 9 (All positive and negative)

Special Data:

These type of Data consists of all the special character such as =, +, -,*, & etc.
Datum (Singular) —-> Data (Plural)
Data is any collection of facts or figures, the data is the raw material to be processed by a computer.


Mainly, data is divided into two types:

1. Numeric Data

2. Character Data


1. Numeric Data:

The data, which is represented in the form of numbers, is known as Numeric Data. This includes 0-9 digits, a decimal point (.), +/ – sign and the letters “E” or “D”. The numeric data is further divided into two groups.
(i) Integer Data (ii) Real Data

Integer Data:

Integer data is in the form of whole numbers. It does not contain a decimal point, however, it may be a positive or a negative number. 


Real Data:

Real data is in the form of fractional numbers. It contains a decimal point. It can also be a positive or negative number. 

Types of Real data:

Real data is further divided into two types. (a) Fixed point data, (b) Floating point data.

(a) Fixed point data:

Fixed – point data may include digits (0-9), a decimal point, +/- sign. For example, the percentage of marks, quantity, temperature, etc.

(b) Floating point data:

Floating-point data may include digits (0-9), decimal. point, +1- sign and letters “D”, “d”, “E”, or “e”. the data, which is in. the exponential form can be represented in the floating­point notation.


Character Data:

Character data fall into two groups 

(i) Strings data (ii) Graphical data


1. String data:

Strings data consists of the sequence of characters. Characters may be English alphabets, Numbers or space. Space, which separates two words, is also a character.

Types of strings data:

The strings data is further divided into two types. (a) Alphabetic data (b) Alphanumeric data

(a) Alphabetic data:

The data, which is composed of English alphabets, is called alphabetic data. Names of people, names of places, names of items are considered alphabetic data.

For example M.S.Faraz, Teacher, Karachi, etc

(b) Alphanumeric data:

The data that consists of alphabets as well as numerals and some special characters, is called alphanumeric data. Address, Employee code, etc are alphanumeric data, For example, J-1, M.Y Square Block ‘G’, Hyderi North Nazimabad


(ii) Graphical data:

It is possible that pictures, charts, and maps can be treated as data. The scanner is normally used to enter this type of data. The common use of this data is found in the National Identity Card. The photographs and · thumb impression are scanned and stored in the computer to identify a person.

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