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What do you mean by bus? Types of bus in detail.

types of bus


A processor communicates with input and output circuits and memory by using signals, These signals travel along a set of wires or connections called bus that connects the different components together.

There are three types of signals: address, control, and data; likewise there are three kinds of buses: address bus,
the control bus, and Data bus. The address bus carries address signal, Control bus carries control signals while data bus carries data signals. The bus is a set of wires that is used as a communication path. 


Address bus:

A collection of wires connecting the CPU to the main memory that is used to identify particular locations (address) in the main memory, where data is stored.


Control bus:

It is a physical connection that carries control information between the CPU and other devices within the computer. The control bus carries signals that report the status of various devices.


Data bus:

It is communication route through which data can travel between the computer’s central processing unit, memory, and peripherals. The speed at which data can travel between hardware components depends on the number of Wires in the bus.



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