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Main problems of Karachi | Essay

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Main problems of Karachi

Main problems of Karachi

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan. It has many problems. Now the main problems of Karachi are:

  1. Unsafely against terrorist activities.
  2. Traffic hazards.
  3. Garbage and overflowing sewerage lines.
  4. Load shedding.

Terrorism can be eradicated if Rangers and police work with still ¬∑ more action against the terrorist without any. concession. During the past few days, rangers have arrested many terrorists and took away their weapons. The citizens had been relieved a little, but still, more has to be done.

Traffic hazards

As regards traffic jams, though a number. of flyovers and underpasses have been built, still, the problem is not over. One main hindrance is that people do not follow the rules of traffic. If people strictly follow traffic rules traffic hazards can be overcome.

Garbage and overflowing sewerage lines

The municipal corporation needs to take steps to clear garbage regularly and cover the main holes. People must learn that they should not throw garbage on roads and in the sewerage lines.

Load shedding

As regards load shedding those areas where illegal electrical connections are there load shedding is more. The K-Electric authorities must cut down illegal connections and compel people to pay the electric charges through electric meter installation.

In the end, it is concluded that if different authorities and the citizens both work ·together and sincerely the problems of this city can be solved.

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