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What are the main agriculture problems of Pakistan? Describe the steps which are taken by the Government of Pakistan to solve these problems.

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The progress of our country is linked with agriculture and the crop’s output. Unfortunately, our agricultural system has to face a number of problems which are as under:-


(i) Lack of modem methods of agriculture:

The yield per acre of our agriculture cops is very low because the agriculturists have hardly adopted modern practices in the use of agriculture.


(ii) The increase in population:

With the speedy growth of population the number of farmers and those who depend on agriculture is increasing, but, the cultivated areas are not growing at the same rate. In this way per head cultivated area is decreasing.


(iii) Shortage of Rainfall:

The shortage of rainfall or drought also affects the areas of cultivation through irrigation is done through canals. The water level in the rivers and canals drops if rainfall is less. Heavy rains are also harmful to crops. Weather uncertainty creates many problems. 


(iv) Waterlogging and Salinity:

The biggest problem of agriculture is waterlogging and salinity. The underground water level rises up to the surface, in some areas and this makes the land sprayed with salts and other chemicals harmful to agriculture. This menace makes the land unproductive. According to an estimate, every year, about a hundred thousand acres of land becomes useless in Sindh and Punjab.


(v) Diseases to Crops:

Crops diseases and pests have a very bad effect on crops. In certain areas wild boar, rats and other animals destroy the standing crops.


(vi) Insufficient and bad means of transportation:

Insufficient and bad means of transportation also have an adverse effect on our agriculture. The yield of the crops cannot be brought to the markets in time. There is a shortage of godowns for storage and protection from rain, wind, and storms. Farmers do not get sufficient reward for their hard work because of these factors and become defected. 


(vii) Lack of medical facilities:

In the countryside lack of medical help, unsuitable living conditions and non-availability of other essential provisions have a very badly affected the health of our farmers and their families.


The government has taken the following necessary steps to solve these problems:

  • Agricultural training facilities and technical advice and training facilities are being increased. Radio and television are also presenting programs about modern techniques and methods. to avoid diseases of crops.
  • The government is providing loan on easy terms to enable them to buy modern types of equipment, fertilizers, good seeds and necessary pesticides. Special loans are given to install tube wells and to purchase tractors
  • To minimize the pressure, cottage industries and trade’s relating to agriculture are being encouraged. Farmers in their spare season may earn some income from these industries.
  • For the timely availability of water in the required quantity, artificial methods of irrigation are being made more effective.
  • All efforts are being made to uproot the problems of water.

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