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Load shedding of C.N.G | Essay

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Load shedding of C.N.G

The load shedding of CNG has now become the greatest problem for the citizens. Due to the CNG load shedding, there are long queens of vehicles at the CNG stations. People have to waste a lot of their time getting fuel. The whole schedule of the day is disturbed after spending time, energy and money in getting the gas for the vehicles. There seem to be political reasons for the shortage of CNG. The CNG dealers association had not agreed to the official prices fixed by the government. As a result, the supply of CNG has been cut short. People are suffering at the cost of the whole problem.

There is no shortage of fuel gas in the country and the disagreement and the greed for making more profits have made it a serious problem.

It is hoped that among so many other issues this issue will be resolved soon.

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