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The library and its uses | Essay

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The library and its uses

The library and its uses

The library is a storehouse of all kinds of books like fiction, history, novels books about travels and inventions. A library had been a very useful place in the past. Now children and young people spend their time before T.V. or Internet. But a library can never lose its importance. The best friend of man is a book and books can be had from a library for casual readers and for the members.

A library has many uses. It helps a person doing some research work by providing. books on a topic he or she needs to get information. A library gives knowledge of sciences- and inventors of great things. When a person is sad a library gives him comfort and relief by providing a nice book.

A library also provides books for students of different professions like medicine, economics, mathematics etc.
Thus a library is a very useful place for those who want to get benefit from it.

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