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What are the important National Goals of Pakistan?

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Important National Goals of Pakistan

Pakistan is a sovereign Islamic state its national objectives are:

(i) Setting up Islamic Society:

The foremost national objective of Pakistan is the setting up or an Islamic society as per the teachings of Islam and
principles of democracy.

(ii) Struggle against Exploitation:

To establish an Islamic polity based on the principles of equality, social justice, mutual respect, and co-operation.

(iii) State security:

It is the collective responsibility of the people and the government to safeguard the county from internal and external

(iv) Self Sufficiency:

Pakistan must be made economically self-sufficient.

(v) Muslim Unity:

To promote unity among the Islamic countries and unite them on one platform.

(vi) Peace Initiatives:

Promotion of international, and regional peace, reformation of the unjust international economic system and
elimination of racial discrimination.

(vii) Struggle for Welfare State:

The most important objective to make Pakistan a welfare state.


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