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Importance of Unity in the Muslim World | Essay

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Importance of Unity in the Muslim World

Muslim Unity is the order of the present political condition of world Muslim unity had been needed in the past too and after the 11th September Trade Tower blast in America, it has become almost essential for the Muslims of the World.

The 11th September incident has victimized the Muslims and, then are considered as terrorists throughout the world by the west. The Muslims have to unite themselves to correct this wrong view of the west. This can be d6ne ·through Muslim unity and by proving that followers of Islam stand for peace and work for peace and that terrorism is quite against the teachings of Islam.

The late Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia had devoted his life for Muslim unity. Present regine of Saudi Arabia Still wants Musli!JJS to unite together. This is to be understood by the heads of other Muslim countries too. If the Muslim Countries remain separate and think about their own well, the west can easily exploit them and make them weak.

It is the need of the day that Muslim countries should sit together and think about the plans of the Non-Mµslim countries, and then chalk out a strategy for their independent and respectable existence in the world. Unity of Muslims does not me·an that Muslims should unite to fight with the west.

It means only to decide a plan for peaceful and respectable co-existence. This can be done only through unity and cooperation in different fields. United efforts and cooperation in social-economic industrial, technical and other fields will bring progress and prosperity for Muslim countries. A strong Muslim country cannot be dictated by the big-lords of the West’s. Unity is Strength and that is needed for Muslims of the world.

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