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Importance of Computer Studies | Essay

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Importance of Computer Studies Essay

Importance of Computer Studies | Essay

Computer education has great importance because in modern life almost every work is done with the help of a computer.

Computers have brought about a tremendous revolution in every walk of life. The field of application of computers is various and a new application is being searched out. The scientists applied it to the prediction of weather earthquakes and storms, controlling of satellites and controlling of atomic reaction in reactors and elsewhere. Engineers have not lagged behind they use computers in designing the case, aeroplanes and ships, building, bridges and tools.

In the business world, computers are playing great parts. They are used to word processing, record keeping, inventory controlling, payroll processing, account keeping, auditing, stock marketing and ticket reservations.

Bank now uses to keep records of day-to-day transactions, keeping accounts and managing the overall investment. For entertainment purpose, computers are used to play computer games, I.Q. games and simulation games.

Lawyers and police recognized the usefulness of computers soon. They are used to keep records of criminals, records of courts and records of the decisions.

What’ make computers advantageous are their speed, the capability to perform multiple tasks at a time, accuracy, diligence, running ability for a longer period performing a variety of tasks, automatic operation and decision-making capability.

Despite the aforesaid frailties, faults they are trained with, computers are widely acclaimed, intensively used and blindly, relied upon. Their applications are increasing in various field and they are expected to do services so far not imagined by man.

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