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Girls should wear abaya! but what boys should wear?

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After the kp govt called for girls to wear abaya for self protection media and liberals put the govt under fire they were right in pointing out that the number of harassment cases against both genders boys and girls was same. They raised the question , girls should wear abaya! but what boys should wear? they raised question on both the use of abaya as a protection measure and at the same time on the mentality of public and government as well. so far be it government, the media, the liberals or religious people all point out the flaws only but failed to give and execute a proper solution.

The govt has failed to support its stance and withdrew the call for abaya. keeping in view the present condition of our society where there are two opposing and conflicting forces i.e liberals and religious people who always work based on action and reaction to each other moving towards radicalization of both ideologies

Two possible solutions can be suggested. the responsibility is upon the readers to decide which one is right and which one is wrong.

First it should be noticed that no solution can be imposed immediately within no time, it needs time to reorganize the society based on any kind of principle for the society to practice. if we consider the liberal point of view and their ideal societies such as the Europeans or americans we have to take the following drastic measures gradually. liberals contend that wearing the abaya is not the solution but to change the mentality of the society is liberals rightly point out that some people try to justify the crimes by questioning the dress of women and girls. but they have the misperception that islam allows only abaya as as pardah and does not allows dress based on ones will. women or girls should wear abaya only if they wish to liberals notice that our society is already practicing non martial relationships such as boyfriend girlfriend relations, prostitution already under practice and gay marriage concept is also on the rise and has been dignified in the liberal world as a basic human right. this kind of modern relationships should be legalized and dignified so that people can practice them with consent based on their will and it can greatly reduce sexual crimes in the society and the society will become compatible with the outer world and economic system. after such steps there will be fewer crimes and law forces will be able to easily capture them and prosecute them in courts for their crimes.

On the other hand , from religious point of view a different solution is proposed i.e an islamic solution keeping in view the muslim majority society. the religious people contend that both parda (of body and sight) and a good mentality is necessary. if one of them is missed it contributes to crimes. body parda does not necessarily needs abaya. one can wear any kind of dress with the condition that it is covers the body and can be considered parda it is the first line of defence or protection. islam contends to be accepted completely not partially. a muslim according to quran is the one who completely obeys islam in all aspects of life in action and thought. claiming to be classified as a muslim and legalizing the evil can not be the solution at all. after legalizing one evil another will arise. in societies where the institution of marriage is weak they have given a complete new definition to marriage ie any legalized relationship between two living things and the definition and conditions for genders have changed as well. islam considers non martial relations between opposing sex , gay marriages and prostitution as evils. no one should dare to propose any one for illegal relationship in a real muslim society or use force and illegal ways to fulfill ones wishes. islam legalizes marriage for boys and girls who reach puberty as as opposed to liberal views which deems it as a crime but legalizes non martial relationships between the children as legal and good. for the change in mentality of public and reorganizing the society, the intellectuals should focus on quran and invite the public who have mostly ignored quran , to read and understand and have faith on the quran. our society has left quran only for the ulma or molvies or for students of madaris whom most of molvi mislead. questioning the molvis and weak religious personalities will not bring the solution

We have to understand quran ourselves and then we can question anyone who tries to mislead in the name of islam. our mainstream educational institutes should teach quran as well because without understanding quran one can point out flaws and oppressions in society but can not give a proper solution sometimes they question the good considering it as an evil. The all over the system be it economic, political social or cultural should be gradually reorganized based on the principles of Islam/Quran.

Once a real muslim or islamic society is established there will be fewer crimes and there justice will be delivered easily on time. but the problem for liberals is that when a criminal is punished they use the slogan of human rights to save the criminal as opposed to their demand of reducing crimes. religious people or islamic contenders righly ppint out that liberalism a man made ideology give no objective for human life instead contends that one shoul spend life merely based on wishes. they are correct to point out that liberalism limits deen to mere rituals as opposed to perceive deen as a complete code of life. liberalism is paradoxical in claiming right to self determination and on the other hand opppse the people who want to establish their society based on principles of their deen and says let the people live life based on wishes.

Islam, too gives right to self determination in the sense that either you accept islam or reject it , its upon the individual. once you devout yourself for islam and have faith,you have to kept aside the wishes that go against the teachings of demans complete submission to allah. the defination of human being, human rights and responsibilities , right and wrong, good and evil,is different in both of these ideologies. they propose different ways for human life. so the basic question are what is a human being , what are his rights and responsibilities, how should one spend his life and how should the society should work. what is the standard for right and wrong or good and evil and who will define and decide what is right or wrong or bad and evil and who should address all of these questions? is the human wisdom capable to do all this , does humans have all kind of knowledge relating to life and universe. do human wisdom does not need an external support to live a life? OR allah , the creator of the human and universe should address these question? and yes Allah has addressed these questions in Quran.

Article From, Adraak hussain student of IR university of Karachi.


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