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Flower Festival in Zoological Garden | Essay

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Flower Festival in Zoological Garden

Flower Festival in Zoological Garden

A grand flower festival was held in Zoological garden Karachi, last month. It was the beautiful scene of dozens of attractive flowers of different colors. There were all kinds of flowers which had been planted and reared with love and care by their owners from all over the city.

It showed that people of Karachi, just do not live a routine mechanical life, but, they have a great liking for the beauty of nature, and to grow flower plants of all kinds.

Important features of this festival included garden designed for people with special needs, floral exhibits made with the help of trash and broken pots, orchid varieties and aesthetically designed arrangements set up with lightning effects.

Prizes were awarded for best displays. DHA clinched overall fist positions in flower shows in different categories.

Besides the flower show, there were entertainment items and refreshments for visitors.

This flower festival was a great success and on the achievement of the highest standard.


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