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Faraday’s First and Second Law of electrolysis.

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Faraday,s 1st Law of Electrolysis:

It states “the amount of any substance deposited or liberated at an electrode during electrolysis is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity passed through the electrolyte”

Faraday,s 2nd Law of Electrolysis:

It states that “the mass of different substances deposited or liberated, When the same quantity of electricity is passed through the electrolytes, connected in series is proportional to their chemical equivalent masses.

Advantages of Electroplating:

(i) Electroplating protects the laser metal from corrosive E.g Iron plated with Zn protects Iron from rusting.

(ii) It is also used to make metals more attractive. An ornament of ordinary metal, when plated with Gold makes it more attractive and shining.

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