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Explain Keyboard and its divisions.


A keyboard is the most commonly used input device which helps us by simply keying in the required information in a computer. This information is subsequently stored in the computer’s memory. A keyboard can be used effectively to communicate with the computer but considered to be relatively slow as compared to other input devices.

The keyboard is divided into following divisions:



These keys are similar to a standard typewriter and are used to type general information.



These keys are used to input numeric data only. These are very useful in case of large numeric data in·put because all numeric keys can be accessed by one hand only. These keys can also be used as an alternative to the screen navigation and editing keys.



These are keys marked as F1 – F12, located normally at the top of the keyboard. These are special keys provided to a programmer which allow him to attach special functions to each key. Each ·of these function keys are also given some special function in different packages.



These keys are provided to move around on the screen. May programs use these keys to let the user move around the screen display. In some keyboards, these keys are also provided inside the numeric keypad as alternate keys.

The description of commands assigned to function keys under the BASIC mode. 

F1 – LIST Function – Used to display the lines of your program on the screen. 

F2 – RUN Function – Used to execute a program from its beginning. 

F3 – LOAD Function – Used to read a program from a storage device and store it in main memory. 

F4 – SAVE Function – Used to store a program on a storage device from Memory. · · 

F5 – COUNT Function – Used to restart a program after it has temporarily interrupted by a stop or CTRL + BREAK. 

F6 – LPT1 Function – Used to transfer data from the video screen to the line printer. 

F7- TRON Function – Refers to “trace on”. This function causes the line number of program line to be displayed as these lines are executed. 

F8 – TROFF Function – Refers to “trace off’. This function cancels TRON function. 

F9 – KEY Function – Use to charge the function of the other function keys. 

F10 – SCREEN Function – Used to return the program to the character mode from the graphics mode and also to turn off the color.


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