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Ever-Increasing Pollution in Karachi | Essay

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Ever-Increasing Pollution in Karachi Essay

Ever-Increasing Pollution in Karachi | Essay

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, has a lot of problems, Pullutlon is Increasing day by day. Pollution of air, pollution of water, pollution of sound due to heavy traffic and pollution of foodstuff are the mean type of pollution. There is all kind of factory here. The waste chemicals are going
Into the drain. The drain is always flooding. Poisonous gases mix In the air. The poisonous, chemicals often get mixed In lines of drinking water. This water makes people sick. The smoke and other gases are released In air factories make the air polluted.

The vehicle gases out poisonous gave from the exhaust system. These gases pollute the air. The garbage is seldom cleared from open places where It is thrown. It gets rotten and germs and bad smell mix In the air. Germs cause a health problem.

The sound and noise the vehicles causes sound pollution.

The increasing problems of Karachi are still increasing due to increasing population and sanitation hazards. It is high time that the government should take sincere and correct steps to control the pollution in Karachi.

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