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ESSAY writing | English PPT

ESSAY writing


ESSAY writing

An essay has three main parts:

1)An introductory paragraph

2)A body (at least one, but usually two or more paragraphs)

3)A concluding paragraph


An introduction has four purposes:

  • It introduces the topic of the essay.
  • It gives a general background of the topic.
  • It often indicates the overall plan of the essay.
  • It should arouse the reader’s interest.


The introduction has two main parts:

  • General statements
  • A thesis statements

General statements:

  • Introduce the topic of the essay.
  • It gives the background information about the topic.


The thesis statement:

  • It states the specific topic of the essay.
  • It may list the subtopics of the main topic.
  • It may also mention the method of organization.
  • It is usually the last sentence of the first paragraph.



Music is truly the one universal language. Although all cultures have music, each culture develops its own musical forms and styles. In particular, popular music varies from culture to culture and from generation to generation. In the past 100 years or so, there has been an explosion of popular music styles in the West. Three of the more successful styles are reggae, punk, and rap.


The body of an essay is made up of one or more paragraphs. Each body paragraph has a topic sentence and several supporting sentences. It may or may not have a concluding sentence. Each body paragraph supports the thesis statement.


Thesis statement:

Three of the more successful styles are reggae, punk, and rap.

Topic sentences:

A.One successful style of popular music is reggae, which was born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the 1960s and spread throughout the world in the 1970s.

      Supporting details

  1. A second successful style of popular music is punk.

      Supporting details

  1. A third successful style of popular music is rap, which is also called hip-hop.

      Supporting details


The concluding paragraph is the last paragraph of an essay. It has three purposes:

1.It signals the end of the essay.

2.It restates your thesis in different words.

3.Your final comment on the subject, based on the information you have provided.


To sum up, popular music changes constantly. New styles are born, grow, change, and produce offshoots, which in turn grow, change, and produce offshoots. Some styles enjoy lasting popularity, but others disappear rather quickly. However, all contribute to the power and excitement of popular music in our time


Tips for introduction:

  • You can begin with background information.
  • You can introduce an essay with your own original definition of a relevant term or concept.
  • You can begin your essay with an anecdote or story that leads readers to your thesis.
  • You can begin with a question.
  • You can begin with a quotation.
  • You can begin with a surprising statement.
  • You can begin with a fact or statistic.

Tips for the conclusion:

  • You can conclude your essay by reviewing your key points or restating your thesis.
  • You can end a discussion of a problem with a recommendation of a course of action.
  • You can conclude with a prediction.
  • You can end with a relevant quotation.



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