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Environmental Pollution | Essay

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Environmental Pollution

Pollution of environmental is a worldwide problem and environmental scientists shoulder to thinks of the working dangerous the future will open to mankind. The first and foremost. question is of the survival of mankind. The increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is eating away? the protective cover·cal1ed ozone gradually and man is being exposed to the hazards of radiations from the sun. These radiations are fatal and are expected to extirpate the mankind from the world.

Another danger of pollution is the threat of health and ultimately of life. The polluted water is killing aquatic animals and is making the water of the rivers unfit for human consumption.

Pollution of air, water and earth is caused by many factors. The first and foremost course of pollution of air is smoke. Cars, buses and rickshaws give out the smoke. In Pakistan, the owners and drivers are irresponsible, careless and illiterate.

France, America, China, is carrying out atomic tests, Russia etc. the fall out from these atomic explosions contain caesium 137 and strontium 90. Strontium 90 is absorbed in the system like calcium and cause bone cancer and blood cancer. Caesium 137 also caused blood.

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