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Duties of a Monitor in a School | Essay

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Duties of a Monitor in a School

Duties of a Monitor in a School

A monitor is an important student in a class. The monitor of a class is a well-behaved student, obedient and dutiful.

The duties of the monitor are many. First of all, he or she must be able to keep the class quiet and make the student busy, when the teacher is away from the class. He/ She have to keep the board clean, keep the chalk and duster reading before the teacher enters the class. The monitor has also to collect the copies for checking and note the name of those who do not give the copy for checking or correction work.

He/she have to do his / own work regularly and his or her copy should be neat and complete.

In return of this, the monitor enjoys a good name in the school. Sometimes he/she gets some concessions of which he/she is very proud.

The class teacher develops a habit of depending upon the monitor for many things. In short, the monitor performs important duties of the class and is very helpful to the teacher.


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