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Differentiate between DOS & Windows.

Differentiate between DOS & Windows.


  • It helps 16 BITS processing
  • One command at a time.
  • 8 character name of any file/ folder (sub-DIR) e.g. ABCDEFGH.TXT 
  • The special character is not allowed in the file name, such as etc
  • No driver required exclude mouse, CD-ROM.
  • you can execute only dos.
  • Graphics mode is not available
  • Max colour support 16 bits processing
  • Shut down not required.


  • It helps 32 BIT processing
  • Multi-command tasking
  • UPTO 255 characters can be named of any file or folder.
  • It does not allow  \ etc.
  • Required drivers.
  • Support both programs dos as well as windows.
  • Graphics mode is available.
  • Max Colour support 16 Million or depends on VGA card
  • Shut down is required.

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