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Different types of teeth In man and describe their functions.



According to the shape and function following types of teeth are present in our oral cavity.

Different types of teeth



The flat chisel-shaped teeth present in front of the oral cavity are incisors. They are eight in number four in upper while four in the lower jaws. They are used in cutting.



Beside incisors lie canines on each side m both Jaws. They are four in number and are pointed. They are used for tearing and pulling flesh. That’s why they are very long and prominent in carnivores such as the hon. Herbivore animals usually do not have canines.



In both jaws, each canine is followed by two premolars. They are 8 in number and each with two d1stmct edges. They are involved in grinding the food.


(iv) MOLARS:

Three molars follow premolars of each side of both jaws. They are 12 in number. They also grind food. The last molar is called wisdom tooth.

The arrangement of teeth can be represented by the following formula called dental formula, 1 2/2, C 1/1, Pm 2/2, M 3/3.

It represents each type of tooth in half of the upper Jaw and half of the lower jaw.


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