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Describe the services of Movement of Shah Wali Ullah .

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movement of Shah Wali Ullah


Movement of Shah Wali Ullah:



Hazrat Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Dehlvi was born on February 21, 1703. His real name was Qutubuddin. 

Hazrat Shah Waliullah played a great role to control the downfall of the Muslims in South Asia, he made -efforts to reform the educational and religious conditions of the Muslims. He tried to explain the real teachings of Islam. The review of the role of Shah Waliullah in the revivalist movement of Islam in South Asia is following.


(1) Shah Waliullah very minutely the factors for the downfall and concluded that it was due to the increasing influence of the non-Muslims. The military strength of the Muslims had collapsed and they were at the mercy of the tribal might of Jats and Marathas. Shah Waliullah realized that if Muslims did not abide by Islam, they would gradually lose their status. In these circumstances, he planned to revive Islamic teachings and values in the sub-continent. 

(2) Shah Waliullah wrote open letters to the Mughal emperors of that time, the Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan, Rohila  Sardar Hafizul Malik, and Najibuddula. He warned them about the declining state of the Muslims in the sub-continent.

(3) He also wrote the ruler of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Abdali to save the Muslims of India from the atrocities of Marathas. Thereupon Ahmed Shah Abdali in 1761, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Marathas at the third battle. for Panipat.

(4) Shah Waliullah tried to minimize the differences among the scholars of the Muslims.

(5) Shah Waliullah translated the Holy Quran in the Persian language in 1738 which was published with the name of “Fateh­ul-Qur’an”. It was his great effort to make inform common people about the teaching of the Holy Quran. After this, his son Shah Rafi-Ullah translated the Holy Quran in the Urdu Language.

Shah Waliullah also wrote books on Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Tafseer. The most popular among these is his famous work “Hujjat-ul-La-Hal-Baligha”. The message of this work is that Islam is the universal religion. It guarantees progress and prosperity for the whole of mankind. 


Hazrat Shah Waliullah was the great politician and thinker of his time. Shah Waliullah presented comprehensive theories about the fundamental rights and economic balance. 

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