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Describe the services of Aligarh Movement.

Aligarh Movement


Aligarh Movement:

After the war of independence in 1857, Muslims of the sub-continent became the victim of atrocities of the British and other Political, economic and social condition were badly affected in these circumstances Sir Syed Ahmed Khan felt at the sad state of Muslims and started an awakening movement for them.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan made social -and Political efforts which are collectively known as Aligarh Movement.· Sir Syed Ahmed emphasized the need for maintaining friendly relations with the British to earn their goodwill. Sir Syed Ahmed stressed upon Muslims to learn modern knowledge.

He set up a scientific society at Ghazipur in 1862 and Later on raised to the Aligarh Movement.

Level of a college named Aligarh College. He maturated the Muslims to learn English language and scientific knowledge. He made great services in social way, thus Aligarh movement became a source of strength for the Muslims in the subcontinent.

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