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Describe the Salient features of the Constitution of 1973.

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The Constitution of 1973 :

After the separation of East Pakistan, the elected representatives of West Pakistan were called to frame a constitution. The draft prepared by the Committee was approved in Agril 1973, the constitution was promulgated in the country on 14 August 1973.

(i) The foundation of 1973 constitution was also laid on the objective Resolution.

(ii) The Country was declared the Islamic Republic of Pak. and Islam was made the official religion of the state.

(iii) The offices of President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were restricted to the Muslims only.

(iv) The Objective Resolution was included in the constitution as its preamble.

(v) Muslim shall be enabled to lead their individual’s lives as well as collective life in ac¬∑cordance with the Principles set in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

(vi) The federal and Parliamentary form of Govt. was introduced. The Prime Minister was delegated wide powers and the authority of the president was curtained, the President could not pass the important order without Prime Minister.

(vii) The Provincial government was granted autonomy.

(viii) In order to protect rights of the people necessary squared were-Provided to ensure the independence of Judiciary.

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