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Describe the role of Sindh and Punjab in the creation of Pakistan.

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Role of Sindh in the creation of Pakistan:

Sindh had been a place of the scholar, social reformers, and politicians. Sindh played a key role in the Pakistan Movement.



was born in Karachi Sindh and was educated in the great Institution “Sindh Madressa”. Among North­Western provinces, Sindh had the oldest association with Muslim League.


Muslim League:

This province has the destination that the Sindh Muslim League had passed a resolution in 1938, which demanded for the first time, that the Muslim majority provinces should constitute a Muslim state. This resolution became a precursor of Pakistan Resolution.


Pakistan Resolution:

was passed by the complete support of Sindh. Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sindh delivered an excellent speech in support of Pakistan Resolution.Quaid-e-Azam appointed a committee for reorganizing Muslim League which carried out excellent work in this regard. In 1943, the Muslim League cabinet was formed in Sindh.


Pir Pagara and Hurs:

The courage and valor of pir Sibghatullah Shah during the struggle for freedom in Sindh can never be forgotten. His followers the “Hurs” never surrendered to British and started the armed struggle for freedom.


Sarhand Family: 

In Sindh is the descendants of Hazrat Mujaddid Alfani. They played a prominent role in the Pakistan Movement.


Religious Scholars:

of Sindh formed a party know as ‘jamiat­ul-Mashaikh, which supported Muslim League.



by Sindh Madressa Karachi and Noor Muhammad High school Hyderabad was in fore-front during the struggle for freedom.


Muslim Ladies:

in Sindh province rendered distinctive service in the struggle for the independence movement. They held public meetings, took out processions, met the wives of viceroys and projected the cause of Pakistan at all places.


1946 Elections and Sindh:

In the elections in 1946 Sindh regarding inclusion Pakistan or not, G.M. Syed was defeated and Muslim League won all the seats from Sindh. That is why Sindh provisional assembly voted unanimously for inclusion in Pakistan.


Role of Punjab in the creation of Pakistan:

Punjab was the biggest Muslim province and the epicenter of Pakistan movement. The people of Punjab played a very important and efficient role in Pakistan movement. The people of East Punjab suffered the heavy loss of life and property. The Hindus and Sikh combined themselves to commit atrocities on the Muslim of Punjab. The plundered, burned, massacred and raped. The worst types of sin were committed against the humanity on the land of five rivers.

Th.e great Muslim poet, philosopher and thinker Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal inspired the people of Punjab by his revolutionary poetry and aroused the feeling of Muslim nationhood among them. He was the man who saw the dream of a separate homeland for the Muslim and demanded the creation of a Muslim state.

The common people the students, the ulema and Mashaikh of Punjab all played their part in the battle for Pakistan. The Pakistan conference was held on the ground of Islamia college Lahore with. the help of Punjab students federation. The women wing of Muslim league took the active part in the organization of freedom movement. During civil disobedience movement, a young women of Punjab Mumtaz Tari hoisted the flag of Pakistan on the top of Punjab secretariat building and pulled down the union jack from there. 



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