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Describe the importance of the Geographical location of Pakistan.

Geographical location of Pakistan


Geographical location of Pakistan :

Pakistan is situated in the North West of South Asia. On the globe, it is located between the latitudes 23.45° and 36.75° north, and between longitudes 61° and 75.5° east. In the north, the border of Pakistan touches China. In the Northwest lies Afghanistan. In the west there is Iran. In the East of Pakistan lies India and in the South, there is the Arabian Sea. The total area of Pakistan is 796096 sq. km.



Pakistan’s geographical location is very important China, Russia and India are our neighbors. After the advent of Russia in Afghanistan, the friendly countries of Pakistan have realized the importance of Pakistan. Pakistan has friendly relations with its neighbors, and trade relations are increasing. With China, Pakistan has trade and other relation.

The land route between Europe and the East also passes through Pakistan. In addition, it provides a contact between European and Asian Countries.

Pakistan is the nearest country to Europe and America in the area of South-West-Asia. As such the southwestern Asian countries do their trade with European countries, through Pakistan. The ships going to America and Europe, from South East Asia, for east and Australia pass through the seaport of Karachi, Pakistan. Also, The air routes from Europe to Asia countries pass through Pakistan.

In this way, the location of Pakistan has great importance.



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