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Describe Darwin’s theory of Evolution and explain important points of this theory in detail.

The main point of Darwin’s theory are as follows:


Living organisms reproduce rapidly so that the number of their offspring could increase rapidly.


Due to the limited available resources of food, shelter, etc the of springs of species compete not only with each other but also with the members of different species to share these resources. In this struggle, a large number of individuals of each species are eliminated. As a result of the population remains stable. 


Individuals of a species differ from each other in their ability to. obtain resources, withstand environmental extremes, etc. These differences in characters are called minor variations. Darwin concluded that survival in the struggle for existence is not random but” depends upon in part on the heredity constitution of the surviving individuals. Those individuals whose inherited characteristics fit them best to their environment would survive and produce more offspring than fewer fit individuals who will vanish.


Nature selects the fittest individuals to survive and reproduce. As a consequence, the favorable variation is preserved through their instance to new young ones.



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