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Definition of : (1)Carnivores (2) Herbivores (3) Omnivores

(1) Carnivores:

This type of nutrition in which animals feed upon other animals is called carnivorous nutrition. such animal is called carnivores. For example cat, dog etc. Canine teeth of carnivore mammals are strong, long, sharp and pointer tearing the flesh of other animals. 


(2) Herbivores:

In this type, animals use plants as their food. For example horse, cattle, deer, etc feed upon leaves and grass such animals are called herbivores. Many birds such as the sparrow, parrot, etc are also herbivores.


(3) omnivores:

It is the mode of nutrition in which animals feed upon flesh as well as plants. Man, cockroach etc fall into this category. These organisms are called omnivores.



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