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Define Metamorphosis and its two types.


It is the process of passing through different stages of development from egg to the adult stage, in insects.

Metamorphosis is of two types:

(i) Complete metamorphosis.

(ii) Incomplete metamorphosis.



Complete Metamorphosis is the development of an insect through egg, larva, pupa and adult stages.
The young one, the larva hatches out of the egg. It feeds actively and then encloses itself in a cover to become a pupa.

The pupa apparently is dormant but development takes place inside. The capsule then breaks and comes out the adult insect.

Examples: Example of insects in which complete metamorphosis takes places is mosquitoes, house flies.



In this type, the young one called nymph emerges out of the egg. It is a miniature young one which closely resembles the adult except that it lacks wings. Reproductive organs are immature. The nymph becomes adult after the development of wings and reproductive organs.

Examples of insects: Cockroach, Termite.


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