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Define: (i) Dobereiner’s law of Triad (ii) Newland’s law of Octave (iii) Modern Periodic law

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(i) Dobereiner’s law of Triads:

It states that, of the three elements similar in chemical behaviour. “The Central atom of each triad had an atomic mass almost equal to the arithmetical mean of the atomic masses of the other two elements”.

(ii) Newland’s Law of Octaves:

It states that” If elements are arranged in the order of increasing atomic masses, the eight elements starting from a given .one, has similar properties as the first one, i.e. its properties are a kind of repetition of the first, as the eight note of an octave of music.”

(iii) Modem Periodic Law:

It states that “The physical and chemical .properties of all elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers.

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