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Define asexual reproduction in plants. Describe any three methods of asexual reproduction in detail.

asexual reproduction in plants


Asexual reproduction is the production of offsprings without fusion of sex cells (gametes).

Asexual Reproduction in Plants: 

Plants reproduce asexually by a number of methods. Some of them are described here. 


It is the simplest and the fastest mode of asexual reproduction during which there is replication genetic material or division of the nucleus followed by the division of the parent body into independent daughter cells. Each daughter

binary fission in bacteria

the cell receiving an equal amount of nucleus or genetic material. Fission is of two types, i.e binary fission or multiple fission.

During binary fission, mother cells divide into two daughter cells. It occurs during favorable conditions. Binary fission takes place in bacteria. Under favorable conditions of temperature, nutrition, and moisture, single bacterium divides into two within 20 minutes and uncountable bacteria are produced within no time.



In this type of reproduction, the parent cell forms a small outgrowth or a bud. This bud grows into a new individual cell which finally breaks from the parent cell.

asexual reproduction

Yeast, a fungus, reproduce by budding. A small outgrowth is formed on one side of a cell. Now the nucleus divides by mitosis into two nuclei. One of them is passed into the newly formed bud. Bud enlarges and finally cut off as an independent yeast cell. Sometimes two or more buds are formed from the single cell.



In kingdom · fungi, an asexual reproductive structure known as sporangium is formed. Sporangia contain abundant unicellular spores. They are generally very small and light and are dispersed by wind, water, and animals. Some have thick resistant walls which enable them to survive in unfavorable conditions. These spores grow into new mycelium during favorable conditions.


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