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Causative verbs | English PPT

Causative verbs


Causative verbs: (getting things done)

 (Make, have, let, get, help)

1.She made me wash the dishes. (forced)

2.My dad lets me go by myself. (gave permission)

3.He had the students do the assignments. (request/asked)

4.She got me to mow the lawn. (convinced/persuade)

5.Ayesha has helped me to improve my English. (help/aid)



In high school, my gym teacher ______ (1) us run a mile on the treadmill every day. I found it so boring; I sometimes ______ (2) my parents to write a note excusing me from class. However, one day, a substitute teacher _____ (3) we run through the park instead. It was so much fun; I decided to join the cross-country track team. At first, the coach did not believe I was serious, but she _____ (4) I join anyway. Running has __________ (5) I relieve stress, feel healthy, and meet new friends.


What is the difference between hearing and listening?

  • Hearing: is a physiological process, involving the vibration of sound waves on eardrums and the firing of electrochemical impulses in the brain. (involuntary and performed effortlessly)
  • Listening: involves paying close attention to, and making sense of what we hear.


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