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How can we maintain our health | Essay

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How can we maintain our health

How can we maintain our health

We can maintain good health by putting into practice good habits.  

We should get up early in the morning and have a brisk walk in the open. Taking light exercise is also helpful. Breakfast and other meals must be taken in time. There should be the proper time for work and play. The evening time is suitable for play on the open ground. We should not eat fruits which are getting rotten. Such food should also not be taken on which flies are sitting. This carry grows and these grow to enter our body through such foods and make us sick.

Moreover, the dirty and harmful atmosphere should be avoided. Mosquitoes and other germs must be killed by sprays of germicides and D.D.T.

Also sitting late at night on internet and television should be avoided. The sleep of the night helps to regain our energy spent during the day. We should stick to the saying, “Early to bed and early to rise” lastly, reading in dim light and while lying on the bed must be avoided.


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