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A visit to Historical place | Essay

A visit to Historical place

A visit to Historical place

A few days back we had a visit to the historical graveyard of Makli and the old city of Thatta. A bus was arranged and we started early in the morning. The morning journey was pleasant. We reached Makli at about 11 a.m. We entered the historical graveyard in a happy mood. We saw graves of the great rulers of Sindh. Nearly all the graves had Quranic Ayat carved on them.

A nameplate somewhere showed the name of the person buried there. There were some graves which were double storied. A Calm and grave
atmosphere prevailed there. The graveyard is spread over a very long area. In the end, there is a shrine of a great saint of Sindh.

From the graveyard of Makli, we went to the historical Shah-Jahan Mosque in Thatta. It is a beautiful and great mosque built by the Moghal emperor Shah-Jahan. It has one hundred small tombs on the building. The buildings are an example of the great skill of Mughal builders.

After this, we had ·lunch and then visited the old city of Thatta. Then we started for our back journey to Karachi. We reached home in the evening safely.


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