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A Dreadful Accident | Essay

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A Dreadful Accident

A Dreadful Accident

Accidents are common in big cities like Karachi. The other day I saw the tragic accident of a bus and a car.

I was coming home from school. I saw a bus moving very fast with a loud horn. It was trying to go ahead of another bus of the same route. From the opposite side, a car was also coming very fast The driver was unaware of the fast coming bus. The next moment a great sound of collision was heard. The car driver was crushed to death and the bus driver too was thrown out and his head dashed on the road. Many people on the bus received serious injuries.

Soon a crowd collected there. Police arrived at the scene, but the injured were not removed to the hospital before the necessary police inquiry. There were many casualties. I became very sad and tears filled my eyes.


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